Yuliya Levit Photography | About
Hi, I'm Yulia. I am a documentary and lifestyle photographer. Back in the day, when I was helping my father develop film under the red light and watched photographs come to life, I knew I was "in" and that there is no way out. Eventually I would become a photographer. I took some pretty sizeable detours through mathematics and computer science, but ultimately ended right where I wanted to be and I couldn't be happier.
For the last two years I've been working on the Speak Memory Project trying to hear and preserve memories and stories of my grandparents' generation. My own grandfather, Ilya Shabadash, passed away and I quickly realized how little of his experiences I've captured and preserved for my own children.
I currently live in New York City and work as a professional photographer. My work can be found at: http://www.yuliyalevit.com/